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The way that we do it here with great results is to fill the coplin jar with
the antigen retrieval solution, place saran wrap over the jar secured with a
rubberband and place the whole thing into another container such as a large
beaker filled with water about 2/3 the way to the top of the coplin jar and
microwave.  I have gone for 10 min straight without any problems and with
beautiful results.

Jennifer Berger
Senior Technical Associate
Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute
Albuquerque, NM
(505)845-1122; (505)845-1225

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> Hi Catherine,
>   The easiest way to microwave AR is to watch the coplin jar while
> microwaving on high heat. When you see the solution bubble, stop the
> microwave and check the temperature (also record the time that it took to
> get
> to temp). Microwave again on medium heat, and check the temperature at
> each
> interval to make sure the temperature is holding. It is best to do this
> using
> water to begin with, and always make sure you have the same number of
> slides
> in the coplin jar each time.
> Once you get the procedure standardized with the microwave you are using,
> you
> should be ok.
> okay, back in my corner now,
>         Phyllis

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