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From:"Hewlett Bryan (CMH)" <HEWLETT@EXCHANGE1.CMH.ON.CA> (by way of histonet)
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Noelle, Lynn and all who are interested,

We have on occasion applied assorted prestains and counterstains to IHC with
DAB as chromogen. An example may be seen on the cover of Annals of the New
York Academy of Sciences, Vol. 664, 1992.
Mast cells were stained with Alcian Blue pH1.0, nerve fibres by IHC with PGP
9.5, goblet cell mucins with PAS after diastase and then nuclei stained with
Celestin Blue/Hemalum. We even tried one with a tartrazine background wash!
It worked, but was too much of a good thing. It is also possible to use AEC
as chromogen with some methods if they can be kept strictly aqueous.
As to the altering of IHC patterns, it may or may not, depending on a
variety of factors. You just have to try it!



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> From: 	Patterson, Noelle[SMTP:PattersonN@NMRIPO.NMRI.NNMC.NAVY.MIL]
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> Subject: 	RE: IHC counterstain
> Eosin tinges the DAB a very pinkish (read pale/golden) brown.  The
> contrast
> is poor, so eosin is generally not recommended.  A bit off of your
> question.
> I would be very interested if PAS works after immuno without altering the
> immuno staining pattern.
> Noelle
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> > Hey Guys, have a question for all of you doing Immunohistochemistry on
> > formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissues.
> >
> > Has anyone out in histoland counterstained this type of Immuno with PAS
> or
> > Harris Hematoxylin and Eosin?
> >
> > Your help is greatly appreciated!
> > Lynn Gardner
> >
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