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Dear Dan,

Sakura sells Tissue-tek VIP Tissue Processor.  Feel free to contact Bob
Weingard at Sakura, phone 310-972-7871 or email him at

Danielle McCombs
DAKO Corporation
Technical Service Specialist
(800)235-5743 ext. 5321

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From: Daniel & Linda Botsford []
Sent: Thursday, November 04, 1999 4:07 AM
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Subject: Attention Tissue Processor Venders

We are suddenly in the market for a tissue processor. I have contacted
the following companies: Bayer,Esbe, Fisher,Leica,Somagen, Ventana. If
there are any other venders selling tissue processors please contact me.
I need capacity, bench space needed and pricing in Canadian Dollars.

Dan Botsford
1995 Lens Avenue,
Windsor Ontario,Canada
N8W 1L9
519-254-5577 ext.52245
519-254-6861 FAX

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