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Lynn - I made that posting. I happen to know that Sigma bought the remaining
stock from our manufacturer. I believe when that is gone, its gone.
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On Tuesday, November 02, 1999 6:06 AM, Lynn Gardner
[] wrote:
> I received a note this morning from someome in Australia who said that "
> of Alcian blue should take note and may need to consider alternatives: An
> intermediate chemical in the production leading to Alcian Blue is hazardous
> and no company is prepared to manufacture this compound. As a consequence
> Alcian Blue, except for any remaining old stock, is no longer available."
> I was a little distressed over this so I phoned Sigma to find out if they
> planning on discontinuing this product also and they said NO. This product is
> available through Sigma if anyone is in need of it and they are not planning
> on discontinuing it. I did not check with any of the other companies,
> however, there may be other companies that also will still have this product
> available.
> Just thought others may want to know this.

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