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I also live and work in Germany, and they DO train there histotechs, it is
part of their regular lab school...

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Hi Susan,
in Germany the technical lab-staff is called Biologisch or Medizinisch
technischer Assistent,
(there are several other kinds of 'technische Assistenten)what you could
translate with Biotech or Medtech. However, this people get a wide spread
(Bio tech)to a more specialized (Medtech) basic scientific education, by a
mixture of theoretical and practical(Lab) knowledge. This takes between 2
and 3 years and 6-8 hours a day.                    Unfortunately there is
not very much histology on the timetables, my case...      lots of
inorganic, organic and biochemistry.
Also microbiology, statistics etc.. Med techs get more special medical
stuff, like
blood examination etc..


P.S. By the way Susan, did you get my Postcard?

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How much education do you have to have in Germany before you get a job to
'OJT' in histoterchnology?  I know the education system in Germany differs
from ours.


>>> Joachim Siegmund <> 10/28 3:51 PM >>>
Hi everybody,

mayby I shouldn't say something to this topic,
because I am working in Germany and trained in Germany ..
.on the job... and it seems to be more a american special.
But I find this discussion very interesting, because in Germany
every "Histotech" is a OJT one! We have no regular education-path
for this work.
So, my point is,that it depends from the individuum, how much
background you'll find in a Histotech and how good/bad someone is doing his
job. Having a good education is a good thing,
but how much of the stuff you learned at college or whereever,
do you use after 10 years or more in your job?
Maybe 40% of what you learned? The rest is new knowledge, that
you got in your job ( learning by doing, further training, reading ).

Hope I do not upset someone,

Joachim Siegmund/BTA

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    I meant no offense with my statements about hiring unregistered
techs to save money it was merely intended to illustrate where this
trend could lead.
    I feel very strongly that on the job training should be held off as
an ultimate last resort. We are after all dealing with peoples lives. I
would want the very best care for my own biopsies, and assume the same
for everyone else.
    It should also be said that a few of the best techs I have met  were
trained on the job. They eventually saw the usefulness of the
educational background and fulfilled this in time. But they agree they
received result oriented training, rather than quality oriented job

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