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From:DODI BORSAY HOROWITZ <> (DODI BORSAY) (by way of histonet)
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HI Larry!

Depending upon the type of invertebrate your associate is collecting, I
would suggest preservation and transportation without the fixative.  We
routinely preserve materials on shipboard and have them airlifted to our
EPA lab from marine sampling cruises.   Larger fish are opened up
ventrally, preserved in Dietrich's (alcoholic formalin with acetic acid ---
deeper penetrating than 10%NBF), and then wrapped in disposable
diapers with 70% ETOH soak and packaged and shipped to us.  The fish
arrive moist and intact with no drying artifacts.  The preservative of
choice for most molluscs is a modified Zenker's formol fixative.  Here, the
timing is critical and animals are fixed then transfered to 70% ETOH for
shipment.  If your critters were large enough, the disposable diapers may
be an option for this transport also.

We have a whole assortment of "field improvised" ideas for the collection
and transportation of critters, Larry.  Email me directly with details about
the type, conditions, and times necessary for this project and I will be
happy to let you know about anything that may help.

Dodi Borsay Horowitz
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Atlantic Ecology Division
Narragansett, Rhode Island

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