Fair Market Prices

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From:Priscilla <pdelvent@wyoming.com> (by way of histonet)
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In the past, I was under the impression that sharing prices was akin to
price fixation and that was taboo.  I'm sure others have had that
impression and is probably why people are not sharing their prices.  Also I
was under the impression that different areas of the country have
adjustments in pricing according to cost of living etc.

Just recently I participated in a teleconference where a specialist
reviewed our master charge list and is supposed to get back with us as to
how we compare with other people on each CPT code.

I have yet to receive the results of that conference but during the call
the specialist made comments like your charge is  XXXX and the market value
is XXXX.

So now I wonder, is it acceptable to share prices?  Hopefully someone
knowledgeable in this area will enlighten us and show the way.   :-)
Priscilla in Central Wyoming

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