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From:jim <jim@proscitech.com.au> (by way of histonet)
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Further to my previous message and despite denials from other retail
I reiterate that Alcian Blue is no longer manufactured. My supplier has
confirmed this and I consider that he is in the position to know and does not
stand to profit.
I hope that users will be positive and civil. Look for alternatives and don't
try to buy up big.
I hope that suppliers will share out any remaining stocks and not inflate
I trust that histos will remember companies that drive up their prices of
remaining stock.
Jim Darley

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Users of Alcian blue should take note and may need to consider alternatives:
An intermediate chemical in the production leading to Alcian Blue is hazardous
and no company is prepared to manufacture this compound. As a consequence
Alcian Blue, except for any remaining old stock, is no longer available.
ProSciTech has no more Alcian Blue available.

Our supplier is working with the Staining Commission to produce an alternative
stain that will suit most of the Alcian Blue applications. This may be
available about April 2000.
Jim Darley
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