Bryan Hewlett/Nancy Lemke

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From:Brown Alexander <> (by way of histonet)
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     This is mainly for Bryan and Nancy, apologies to the rest of you.
Thanks for the offer to visit your medical center/hospital while I was in
Canada. Visiting relatives means they have their own timetable for you. I
had a great time, but unfortunately couldn't manage to visit either of you.
Thanks for the offer tho'.
	I would have replied direct, but the day after I came back to work
the hospital mail server threw a 'wobbly' and for some mysterious reason
wiped me off the system. My sympathies to Cheryl Crowder, as I've also lost
all my E-mail addresses and all the useful bits of information I had stored
in different folders.
Anyway, thanks again to Bryan and Nancy, and any time you're in this neck of
the woods I would be happy to return the offer.
	Alex Brown
	Crosshouse Hospital
	Kilamrnock, Scotland.

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