softening fingernails

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From:"Bruce W. Brodersen" <> (by way of histonet)
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I've found several of your responses to softening of fingernails.  Here's
the next step.  We are looking at bovine hooves.  The sections contain
bone, soft tissues, and hoof (I suspect pretty much equivalent to
fingernail).  I was wondering how your suggestions would work in this
situation.  Should we decal the bone first before trying to soften the hoof
or soften the hoof first, say with 4 - 6% trichloroacetic acid in formalin
(From: "Mick Rentsch" <>)?  Any suggestions on processing
bovine hooves is appreciated.

Bruce W. Brodersen, DVM, PhD
Veterinary Diagnostic Center		phone: 402 472-1434
University of Nebraska		fax: 402 472-3094

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