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Here's a response to the message I posted for Bernice.
Please note I am simply posting her messages ...I have no knowledge of or
experience with  the equipment her company sells and do not in any way
endorse it.
Linda M
Histonet administrator

Dear Linda,

This sounds very dangerous, as I am lead to believe the secondary filter
will not stop all
pathogens passing through it, and the airflow propel them all over the

Alan Bright
Bright Instrument Co. Ltd

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Date: Tuesday, November 10, 1998 11:11
Subject: Cryostat decontamination

>Here's a message Bernice asked me to post to you all:
>Hi histonetters,
>Just wanted to weigh in on the subject of decontaminating the cryostat.
>Instrumedics has a vacuum system (Cryo-Vac-Away) for the cryostat which is
>not a true decontaminating system  but goes a very long way toward
>protection  of the operator and the laboratory from infectious material
>generated in a cryostat.
> All the trimming debris generated  when facing off the frozen block is
>suctioned away at the blockface and captured in a canister which contains a
>fine and coarse filter.
> Downstream of the primary filters  is a secondary  bacterial filter which
>will capture pathogens, bacterial or viral, that escape the debris. The
>filter system is inside the cryostat.
>The debris does not leave the cryostat where is can cause problems!
>The cryostat remains spotless and the biohazards associated with sectioning
>infectious material very substantially reduced.
>Bernice Schiller




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