old skills vs new skills

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Have to agree with the knife sharpening.  But once I took the time it was
sharp and it held the edge.  I would start on one side (left and trim incase
of calcium)
Slip ever so little over and get a good section. Then back to the end of
another block.
Making Hematoxylin was an art also.....
When I started we made all the special stains from the begining.  ( No I
didn't go catch the cockneal  (sp) but we did have the dye in powder form.
Used the CO 2  tanks for frozen sections.
You haven't lived until you embedded with paper boats or metal L's with copper
bottoms.   Then attached the blocks to wooden  little blocks with a hot putty

There were many more old but vey useful ways.

Been there done that in Florida    Shirley

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