microwave staining

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From:"Steven E. Slap" <ebs@ebsciences.com> (by way of histonet)
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Hi HistoNetters!

i've been out of the country the last two weeks, and missed all the fun
about microwave processing and staining :-)

However, I really want to reinforce a point-  one post gave as a
direction that the **** solution "can be microwaved for 45 seconds at 70
percent power." (details changed to protect the guilty)

70 percent power is not a constant.  70 percent power is not the same
from one microwave to another.  70 percent power is not the same when the
magnetron is cold in the morning and warmer later in the day.  70 percent
power is not the same for a new microwave and one used daily for some
years.  Saying that something should be microwaved at 70 percent power
tells you absolutely nothing at all.

All microwave procedures should specify either temperatures or output
wattage or both.

End rant.  Ah, I feel better now.
Steven Slap

Energy Beam Sciences, Inc.
The Laboratory Microwave Company

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