interesting, Gold slide use?

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When using Gold plus charge slides, are you doing NBF fixed, paraffin
sections or frozen sections?

I was under the impression, after reading the directions for use, that
these slides were best when used with frozens, extended drying times,
and you can postfix the sections ( whether they are fixed frozens before
sectioning or fresh tissue, then fixed) with either an acetone or
alcohol based fixative. Postfixation with formalin was not

I am curious if others have used these slides with frozens, then postfixed
with a formalin or Paraformaldehyde fixation?  We have reserved them for
use with FS on mouse aorta, acetone fixed, no post fixation.  Expense
is a big factor.

Also any other users with NBF/paraffin? and have you tried post fixation
of section before IHC staining, after bringing down to water?

May also contact Erie Scientific to see what they say about these slides.

Must be postholiday syndrome, lots of questions

Gayle Callis

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