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From:Richard Cartun <Rcartun@harthosp.org> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <histonet@magicnet.net>
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To:  Paul Kwan

We use a mAb (CAT#500113) from Meridian Diagnostics, Inc. [(800) 543-1980]
to localize varicella zoster virus in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded
tissues.  The mAb is tagged with fluorescein (for direct IF testing in
Microbiology Labs), but works very well in our  immunoperoxidase technique
at a dilution of 1:50.  Digestion of formalin-fixed tissue sections with
0.4%  pepsin (P7000-Sigma) in 0.01 N HCl will improve immunoreactivity.

Richard Cartun
Hartford Hospital
(860) 545-1596

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