Re: tissue hazards

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Patsy, quit your job and go to Aruba.  Sorry...The idea of working with
the dreaded formaldehyde AND snake venom...double glove?

I have just learned on this lovely NET that nitrile gloves protect you
from formadehyde. not latex.  I bought some for everyone is the lab and
returned them to me saying they nitirile smells bad.  This from 5 PHD's
who sprinkle formad. around with great a bandon.  If anyone can suggest a
brand of nitrile that doesn't smell bad, please let me know.

U of Washington, Seattle

On Fri, 20 Nov 1998, Patsy Ruegg wrote:

> folks,
> i am now working with rabbit joints that have been injected with snake
> venom.  what are the possible hazards of working with such samples.
> they are fixed in 10% NBF as whole limbs, i cut them into and fix
> further before decalcifing.  i of course use gloves to handle them.  i
> am a super allergic person to venom (bee venom).  should i take further
> percautions.
> patsy ruegg

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