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From:Shirley Powell <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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In the past I too have had problems with B5 fixed tissues washing off the
positive charged slides.  I investigated and found that the tissues that were
post fixed in B5 following Formalin fixation were the ones that washed the
most.  It was not a constant happening but I changed my protocol and used
StayOn from Surgipath in my water bath for all tissues that were post B5 fixed
and used regular slides.  I do not know the chemistry but it keeps the
sections on the slides run on my NexES.  Maybe the chemical gurus can explain
the why, maybe it changes the charge or something.

Shirley Powell

Nita Searcy 949-6843 wrote:

> Help! B5 fixed bone marrows, placed on + slides, left overnite in low temp
> oven, Dako Immunostainer, SECTIONS are washing! No problems with any other
> stains ran at same time . Any ideas? Thanks

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