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Dear Mick,

We pay a few thousands dollars a year to change our Milli RO and Milli Q
filtres although I know it is a rip off but have no alternative. I wonder
whether you will kindly enough to give me contact details on either CUNO
or the Irrigation Farm Supplies.  It appears that it will be cheaper for
me to come Australia for a holiday and bring back a couple of filters.

Thanks in advance.


>Dear Gayle,
>you might like to see if you can source filters from "CUNO" they are US
>based and are just about the biggest water purification manufacturers
>worldwide, they also make the filters for other companies including for
>Millipore. I've changed over to Cuno Filters here in Aussieland and they
>only cost me about $50 ea. for my MilliRO system. I buy them through my
>local Irrigation Farm Supplies, because Cuno Aust. will only sell through
>Distributors or to Manufacturers.
>regards Mike Rentsch

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