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From:Ian Montgomery <> (by way of histonet)
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>Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 15:17:18 -0500
>From: Jeff Silverman <>
>Subject: Re: cold hematoxylin
>To: Ian Montgomery <>,
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>Go with Gill 3- it never needs filtering, stains frozens in 20-30 seconds,
>counterstains immuno's in 30-60 seconds, clean and crisp chromatin, stable
>and non-toxic, can't overstain etc. etc. Six minutes works nice in our H&E
>and 1minute in our Pap stain.  Differentiate in 1% HCl in etoh for paraffin
>and blue in dilute ammonia, for frozens blue only- no acid, and for cyto's
>1 minute and differentiate with  .5% aqueous HCl followed by 1 min water
>rinsse to blue. Look for the start of pink runoff in acid baths and stop
>immediately with water rinse. Works great every time and lasts 2-sometimes
>3 weeks in the staining bath.
>Jeff Silverman
>Southampton Hospital NY U$A

	Never actually used Gill3, stick with 1 and 2. Normally use Mayer's
haematoxylin for 5 minutes then blue in Glasgow tap water, fresh from Loch
Katrine, for another 5 minutes. Frozens, couple of minutes, immunos, 20
seconds. No differentiating in 1%HCl/Alcohol or blueing in dilute ammonia.
The result, just as my wife describes me, "wonderful, just wonderful".

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