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Hi Histonetters

>The one answer I remember concerned an institution that had
>a phlebotomist who was NOT wearing gloves while drawing
>blood, right when OSHA came through.

I have practiced phlebotomy for 7 years ( in my list of various
occupations) the thing that concerned me now, as it did then, is the gloves
didn't fit!  I am a typically small built female and the gloves flopped at
the end of my fingertips.  I don't have male surgeons size 9 hands. It was
more of a danger that the gloves impedded my performance with the needle,
than not wearing gloves at all. If I was going to jab myself with the
needle the gloves were not going to prevent the needle penetrating my skin.
The gloves also got stuck in the vacutainer tubes when we tried to put the
lids back on to the tubes. Hopeless!

The only way we could bring a satisfactory conclusion to this dilema, after
complaining miserably to deaf ears was not to wear gloves at all.

Don't get me wrong - I wear gloves all the time - especially with the
chemicals we use as Histologists (and being 8mths pregnant). My point is
the gloves need to fit properly or else they are more of a danger than

Pardon my longwindedness but I feel very strongly about this.

Maree Gould


Maree Gould NZCS Dip Sci
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