Re: Declere and Tissue Adhesion

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Dear Patsy,

Have you tried other types of tissue with Declere? Did you have any tissue
adhesion problems with these?  In respect to bone and/or cartilage, do you
experience tissue adhesion problems with other pretreatment methods?

Generally, with bone, the problem is that the sections are often cut too
thickly since it may be more difficult to cut 3 - 4 micron.  This is
especially true if there is insufficient decalcification. In respect to
normal cartilage, decal is not necessary. Only in the circumstance where
you have abnormal cartilage with calcium deposits would you decalcify. Like
bone, cartilage sections are often cut too thickly. It may help to dry a
thicker section longer but only up to a point.  Generally as you get much
above 4 micron thickness you will experience some degree of tissue adhesion

I would be happy to discuss this further.  It would be helpful to know the
answers to some of my questions.

Paul Ardi

At 09:56 PM 11/23/98 -0700, you wrote:
>just tried decleare for the first time on bone and things fell off
>selectively as usual.  the cartilage fell off, the bone stayed on, i
>used a steamer rather than microwave which is supposed to be more
>gentle, i was not impressed.  all the rules were followed for overnight
>drying on charged slides, etc.
>patsy ruegg

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