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From:Rob Geske <> (by way of histonet)
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more information please.  when you "stain" do you mean an enzyme
histochemical reaction or an immunohistochemical procedure?  If you are
performing the enzyme reaction using x-gal, i do not understand why you
must use an aqeous mountant.  i have always used alcohol and xylene before
mounting in a synthetic mountant and have used either eosin or nuclear fast
red as the counterstain.  if you are performing and immuno procedure,
please relate what chromagen you are using.


At 03:09 PM 11/24/98 -0700, you wrote:
>We are "staining" frozen sections of B-gal. cells to end up with a
>turquoise-blue reaction product.  The color is soluble in alcohols and
>clearants.  We use crystal mount to permanently mount.  We are looking for
>a counterstain that will not obscure the turquoise-blue color and will not
>leach out into the aqueous mounting media.  So far our hematoxylin (Mayers)
>is too dark, and neutral and nuclear fast red bleed out into the mountant.
>Anyone have any suggestions?  I sort of remember discussions of this nature
>in the past but , of course, didn't archive them at the time.
>Thanks for the help,
>Beth Roche
>Gore Hybrid Technologies
>Flagstaff, AZ

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