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From:Alex Brown <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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Hi Linda,
	We run our oven at 65degC .   For routine paraffin sections (
either 2 or 4 microns of human tissues ) which is all we do really;  we
drain the water off, load them in the rack and give them 9 mins in the
oven stage.  Total staining time about 24 mins ( H&E ) including oven.
		Alex Brown
		Crosshouse Hospital
		Kilmarnock, Scotland.
From: Linda
Subject: thanks and more
Date: 14 November 1998 11:01

Thanks for all the input on running control slides.  I won that
arguement with our pathologist who was insisting that we had to run
seperate controls for each patient.  I do however have another question.
We have a Leica autostainer with built-in oven.  At what temperature do
others set their ovens at, and how long do you let slides set in oven?

Thanks again,

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