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From:"Weems, Joyce" <> (by way of histonet)
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This sounds really stupid! I'm not sure what happened, but what I was
trying to say is that we have found that an alk phos immuno procedure
works better on our "demineralized" biopsies.

>From: 	Weems, Joyce
>Sent: 	Monday, November 16, 1998 11:43 AM
>To: 	'Histonet'; 'Hagerty, Marjorie A.'
>Subject: 	RE: bone marrow trephines
>We "demineralize" this way also, and have and alk phos immuno procedure
>works better on our bone marrows. J:>)
>>From: 	Hagerty, Marjorie A.[]
>>Sent: 	Thursday, November 12, 1998 2:58 PM
>>To: 	Histonet
>>Subject: 	bone marrow trephines
>>We are currently using RDO for one hour to decal our BM core bxs. This works
>>perfectly for us, they are easy to cut, and the nuclear detail is excellent.
>>I think, however, that the HCL in the decalcifier may be interfering with
>>our Kappy/Lambda immunoperoxidase staining. I tried an antigen retrieval
>>solution specifically for decalcified tissue but that did not seem to
>>correct the problem. Doing this on one case does not count as any kind of
>>"study" so this may be an excellent product. We would like to try a non-HCL
>>decalcifier. Alex metioned formal citrate but our clinicians would not
>>tolerate the length of time it takes. Does anyone know of a decalcifier that
>>takes no more than an hour for very small core bxs and does not use HCL?
>>EMC, Rancho Mirage, CA

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