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Hi Cindy,
We are fortunate to be attached to a large group of oncologists.  When the
Her 2 Neu is ordered on a retrospective case.  We call the oncology group
and have the patient re-entered into the hospital LIS as a one time visit.
We are then able to order the test and we create a new pathology number,
referencing the older case number and then a new report is dictated.  If you
have any more questions about how we are doing this, I would be glad to try
and get the answers for you.
Debbie J. Siena, HT(ASCP)QIHC
Baylor University Medical Center
3500 Gaston Ave.
Dallas, Texas
214/820-2465 VM
214/820-4110 Fax

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> Sent:	Wednesday, November 04, 1998 1:30 PM
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> I would also like to know how others are handling this. We are not billing
> for the tests. We are using the same accession number and issuing an
> addendum report. We have had clinicians order the Her/2neu on blocks as
> far back as 1987. Are you assigning a new accession number when you
> generate a new billing number and use the new date of service? I would
> like to know exactly how you are able to bill for the testing and how you
> are reporting the results. We would love to be able to bill for these.
> Cindy Higgerson HTL (ASCP)
> Memorial Hospital
> Belleville, Illinois
> Priscilla wrote:
> 	I have had clinicians order this test and others on archived
> material.  I
> 	use the date that the test was ordered as the date of service and
> generate
> 	a new billing number as of that date.  This is simply another order
> from a
> 	clinician, but instead of getting new material, it is done on the
> archived
> 	material.
> 	The key, I believe, is the order from the clinician.
> 	What do the rest of you do?
> 	Priscilla in Central Wyoming

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