Luxol Fast Blue

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I have not been able to access the Histonet on "Send".  This message has
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Lauren - There are several factors that you need to consider before becoming
"paranoid" about the LFB.  Since alcohol has a lower boiling point than
water, it will boil faster than water.  Therefore, when heated with
microwaves, the solution heats faster.  Since many techs heat all solutions
at the same power setting and time, the solution may boil and mess up the
cavity of the MW.
        First, you should heat your alcohol, say 30 seconds, stir the
solution with a thermometer and read the temperature.  If it is 55 degrees
C, then you know that the time and power setting for that alcohol-based
stain.  If the temperature is lower than 55, add 5 more seconds with room
temperature alcohol and repeat the procedure.  Obviousely, if the temp is
over 55C, you need to reduce the power level or time.  If you keep the
alcohol at or below 55C, there is no problem with boiling or sparks.
        To contain the fumes of the alcohol, I suggest you put the container
in a freezer-weight or better zip-type bag.  The solution is then heated,
the bag is taken to a properly ventilated area, and opened.
        There should be no problems at all with the alcohol-based stain in
the MW if you take a few precautions and do come QC on the oven.

Cheryl Crowder
LSU - School of Veterinary Medicine

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