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From:Diana Goodwin <slipper@net-gate.com> (by way of histonet)
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I would like to get more feedback about this, since my institution is in
the process of re-vamping its entire technical charging system .

Diana Goodwin, HT
Trenton, NJ

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Dear Diana:
I wouldn't consider myself an authority on billing.
As I understand it (and as it is done at my hospital and the other ones I
have surveyed) each specimen is assigned one or several CPT codes which
reflect the complexity of the specimen and what is done to them. There is a
technical charge for each code (except for a few which are purely
professional activities such as performing a FNA) and a professional
charge. The technical charge may not be a very accurate estimate of the
amount of work a case requires but that's how the system works. The charges
may be combined and billed to the patient through the hospital or as in my
case the professional part may be billed separately by the pathologist's
group.  We surveyed different hospitals in the area and checked published
tables to determine what the technical charges for each CPT code should be.
Hope this helps.
Linda M
>>> Diana Goodwin <slipper@net-gate.com> 11/10 11:21 AM >>>
Dear Linda,

You seem to know alot about charging systems, so I'd like to ask if you
know of any standardized charging system for TECHNICAL procedures.

I understand that the CPT system is for professional services only.  Is
there a system of charging patients for routine, special,
immunohistochemical, and cytological services rendered by technologists
in a hospital setting?

Looking forward to hearing from you!



Diana Goodwin, HT
Trenton, NJ


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