sectioning epon

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From:Cathy Mayton <> (by way of histonet)
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Fellow histonetters,

I have been trying to section epon blocks containing an artery with a
tungsten-carbide knife.  My sections appear cloudy at 3-6 microns.  Does
epon have to sectioned thinner than 3 um and can it only be sectioned with
glass knives.

Also, what is the best way to dry the sections.  So far the literature I
have says room temp over night.  What is the concensus?  I also gleened
from the literature that H&E cannot be done on epon sections.

The block polymerized well and contains no bubbles.  The block is
sectioning easily other than the sections appear cloudy and not clear like
GMA or MMA sections.  Any help would be appreciated.

Cathy A. Mayton
Wasatch Histo Consultants, Inc.

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