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From:Linda <> (by way of histonet)
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Good Morning,

Can somebody please tell me what the jaco regulations are regarding
running controls with special stains.  I can't seem to locate this
information.  For example, if we run 8 giemsa's on 8 diferent patients
all at the same time, do we really need to run 8 controls?  We do all
our special stains by hand, using copland jars, which limits our space
to start with.  No, they won't buy us any staining dishes.  There is the
perpetual "freeze on spending" going on.  Anyway, it seems like such a
waste of controls, not to mention precious filing space, as well as a
waste of reagents and our time because often times have to run the same
stain in two seperate batches.  Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks
once again for any input.


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