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From:Lauren Ball <laurenb@hevanet.com> (by way of histonet)
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I recently noticed while reviewing SOP's, that we have a procedure for
LFB-PAS that involves putting a Luxol  Fast blue solution in a the
microwave.  The LFB solution is made up in 95% Isopropanol.  The MSDS states
that we should avoid heat, sparks and flames.  I brought this to my
supervisors attention and she wanted more info inferring that I might be a
tad paranoid.
    I suggested that we heat up water in the microwave and the put the
copeland jar in the hot water bath.  This was rejected without more info.
I have seen occasional sparks in microwaves.  I know that microwaves
techniques have been around almost 30 years.  Is this standard practice?  Is
this OK?  Why?  Does  anyone know of any accident involving the microwave.
Lauren Ball
Kaiser Permanente Region Lab
Portland Oregon

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