human frozen tissue

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From:Patricia Landry <> (by way of histonet)
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Dear Histonetters,  All the recent messages about gloves and frozen
sections as well as infection control has been very interesting and
helpful.  I am beginning a pilot study in which I will be working with
unfixed human arteries.  A lot of my questions have already been answered.
However, I would like to know after cutting the sections, how do I "fix"
them on the slides prior to H&E and IHC?
I have heard/read that you use alcohol/acetone, but what % - 50/50?  Can I
just dip them in a staining dish or do they have to lie flat?  What about
time?  I use superfrost/plus charged slides and have good results with my
frozen sections sticking.  Then do I just rinse in dHOH and proceed as
usual?  Thanks in advance for any responses.
Pat Landry
U of Michigan/ Dental

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