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I know I've posted this in the past, but does anyone have a good technique for
sectioning of frozens or paraffin embedded cartilage.  I know about the
CryoJane, but my boss is not will to spend the $6000. Or if anyone has
cartilage sections that they're willing to share, I'd love to hear from you.
It can be human or bovin (prefer human).   Or if you know of a vendor that
sells cartilage sections, please let me know.

I can section my own, but I always get a wrinkle in the middle of the section.
Unfortunately, to publish our results, I need wrinkle free slides.  I am using
plus charge slides.

My other questions is "does anyone do a lot of cell fixation?"  I currently fix
my cells with 4% paraformaldehye and it works fine except that it leaves a film
(grayish/green) on the slide and seems to dim my fluorescence results.  I'm
down to my last step to publish the result, but I can't get a good picture on
my cells because of this problem.  I'd appreciate any help or suggestions.

If you want, you can respond to me directly at


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