bone marrow trephines

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We are currently using RDO for one hour to decal our BM core bxs. This works
perfectly for us, they are easy to cut, and the nuclear detail is excellent.
I think, however, that the HCL in the decalcifier may be interfering with
our Kappy/Lambda immunoperoxidase staining. I tried an antigen retrieval
solution specifically for decalcified tissue but that did not seem to
correct the problem. Doing this on one case does not count as any kind of
"study" so this may be an excellent product. We would like to try a non-HCL
decalcifier. Alex metioned formal citrate but our clinicians would not
tolerate the length of time it takes. Does anyone know of a decalcifier that
takes no more than an hour for very small core bxs and does not use HCL?
EMC, Rancho Mirage, CA

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