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From:Susan Meloan <> (by way of histonet)
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The alkaline Congo Red is an excellent amyloid stain.  It is included in
FreidaCarson's book, Lee Luna's Hathopathologic Methods....., Humanson's
and I am sure several others.

If you cannot find it let me know and I will FAX a copy or send one by
attached file directly to you.

	Susan Meloan
	Chief Histotechnologist
	Dept of Pathology
	Medical College of Georgia
	Augusta, GA 30912
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>>> "Tapper, Sheila" <> 11/04/98 03:34pm >>>
I know this has been out there in the past...but I didn't need it then!  One
of my pathologists if looking for a different amyloid stain, and I can't
find a procedure in any of my books!  Could someone please provide me with a
reference or better yet a procedure for Sulfated Alcian Blue for Amyloid?
Thank you in advance!

Sheila Tapper
St. Mary's / Duluth Clinic Health Systems
Duluth, MN <>

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