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     Then is this host specific antigenic variation due to different
     subspecies of P.carinii infecting their particular favorite flavor of
     host?  Or is there one P.carinii changing its disguise to suit its
     situation (Like the elusive pimpernel)?

     Do the authors of this splendid sounding article offer an explanation?
     My library doesn't carry that journal.  Doesn't carry much of anything
     not relating to engineering, actually.



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Host species-specific antigenic variations have been
reported, according to the article I cited.  Pigs
are not dogs are not rats are not people!

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     Forgive my stupidity, but won't any antibody to P.carinii label
     P.carinii, whether it be in dog, human, pig, pigeon or muddy puddle?
     Your only problem will be whether tissue processing has altered the
     epitopes on your antigen.



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There's a paper in J. Vet. Diag. Investigation where they used the Dako
human antibody on dog tissue and got very nice staining. Sukura, et al
JVDI, 1996 8:124-130 January. Haven't heard about anybody doing immuno on

Cindy Farman

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I'm looking for several different sources of Pneumocystis carinii
Trying to get an antibody to that will cross-react (or  a specific
one if possible??) for P.carinii in swine!

Tried the usual sources but would like to hear all suggestions to see
if I'm missing any. Thanks. Greg
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