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     We cut in excess of 300 implants a year of various shapes and sizes
     mainly made of Vitallium, a CoCr alloy substantially harder than
     Stainless steel.  I have many questions regarding your specimens, if
     you could give me some more detailed information I can undoubtedly
     help you out.

     1.  Do you have the oscillating saddle on the saw?
     2.  What thickness of blade are you using, and what is the diamond
     3.  How new is the blade?  How much has been cut on it and with how
     much weight?
     4.  How big are your specimens and in what plane are you cutting them?
     5.  Are the specimens processed and if so, in what resin?

     Loosely speaking, the size and hardness of the implant will dictate
     the thickness and diamond size of the blade, tempered by any
     restrictions on the amount of kerf loss.  Whether you have the Contact
     point saddle (oscillating saddle) and the amount of weight you apply
     to the blade will have an effect on the life of the blade.

     If you can give me more information I'll try and sort you out.


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     Subject: Re: EXAKT sectioning of s/steel
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     Date:    11/5/98 11:52 PM

     We are having difficulty sectioning bone specimens containing
     stainless steel orthopaedic implants.  If anyone has had success using
     the EXAKT macro cutting device to do this, I would greatly appreciate
     any advice provided regarding the type of blade used and any other
     important protocol details.

     Marg McGee
     Dept Orthopaedics and Trauma
     Royal Adelaide Hospital
     Sth Australia
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