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The salary ranges I quoted  are for a registered H.T. (ASCP). Currently we
have no specific range for an H.T.L. (ASCP). If the supervisory position
were open, the hospital would try to recruit a an H.T.L. The salary for
histology supervisor is the same as for Med-Tech supervisor, which is
excellent. If I hired an H.T.L. or someone with a Q IHC, I would use that as
justification to put them in the 25 percentile salary range to start. Our
H.T. who does Image Analysis and has a Q IHC has a range higher than the
histotech range.
EMC, Rancho Mirage, CA
To: Hagerty, Marjorie A.
Subject: Re: salary
Date: Thursday, November 12, 1998 11:53AM

       Are the salary ranges you gave for histotechnician level or
     histotechnologist level positions?  If it's for technician level I'm
     pretty impressed !!! :)

     Vicki Gauch
     Albany Medical Center

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Subject: salary
Author:  "Hagerty, Marjorie A." <> at Internet-Mail
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I thought Sharon's remarks about histotech salaries were excellent.
Geographical area is a definite factor, although the gaps which existed
between the midwest and the west coast (USA) for years seems to be
narrowing. I hadn't thought about considering the opportunity a job offered
but of course that is important. I would consider benefits as well. The
private lab in our area pays a higher salary but our benefits are far

Our hospital's salary range for a staff histotech is:
13.70 to 19.58 per hour. Not the highest wages in the country but it is a
fantastic work environment. I would probably offer  a person with four years

experience who interviewed well, somewhere in the mid-point range. I would
also take into consideration what they were making at their previous/current

job and how desperate I was to fill the position! We are somewhat
geographically isolated from any large urban areas and recruiting can be
difficult because the person usually has to relocate. Fortunately, we have
very little turnover, even with 9 people.

EMC, Rancho Mirage, CA

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