Re: processing of finger and toe nails

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Attention Ms Carol Punken
Dear Carol,
suggest you fix the nails in 10% Formal Saline with 4-6% Trichloracetic acid
w/v for 24-48hrs. The Trichloracetic acid appears to soften them quite well
and unlike the traditional use of alkali solutions does not contribute to
lifting or curling of the tissue on the slide during staining etc.
Regards Mike Rentsch (Downunder)
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Date: Sunday, 1 November 1998 8:49
Subject: processing of finger and toe nails

>The dermatopathology lab in which I work is having difficulty  adequately
>softening (using decal or home permanent solution) and successful adherence
>sections on the slide for routine staining and special stains (using
>and coated slides).
>I will appreciate any information that will be of help in this area.
>Please respond to: Carol Panken at

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