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Hi Kathy,
        There was an article in the J Histotechnology [J
Histotechnology/Vol. 15, No. 2/ June 1992] about Casein. They recommended
0.5% I tried it and in a series of experiments, reduced the concentration to
.03% [in PBS]. YES... this does make a difference. It's a terrific block [I
use 30 min.], AND it's non species specific, so you can use it with almost
every antibody [remember I said almost, depends on what the antibody is
against]. I use it routinely and at this dilution. When I used the 0.5%, I
lost some specific reaction. I also use it in my washes if I must use frozen
sections. Hope you find this helpful. I use Sigma #C-5890.

At 09:01 AM 11/4/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Good morning all!
>I am posting these questions for a research tech here in the department.
>What is a good source for ordering casein? What diluent do you use
>and at what dilution is casein most often used for IHC?
>Thank you
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