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I have had two exp[erineces with this subject. At one hospital we
received bone marrows in bouins fixative which allowed us to skip other
decal procedures. We fixed for two to four hours, rinsed in 70 percent
alcohol for 30 minutes and then put it in formalin on the processor. We
embedded in plastic for several years but went back to paraffin because
the detail was acceptable and the turnabound time much shorter (it takes
an extra day to embed in plastic)

At another hospital we received BM's in B5 fixative and fixed for two to
four hours. They were then rinsed 70 percent alcohol for 10 minutes and
then put in decal (Cal-Ex, fisher Scientific) for an hour on a stirring
machine. Then they were put in with the regular tissues (in formalin)
for processing.

in both cases we sectioned and stained them the next day.

Tim Morken, B.S., EMT(MSA), HTL(ASCP)
Infectious Disease Pathology
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Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 17:00:46 +0000 (GMT)
From: Ms Louise Taylor <>
Subject: bone marrow trephines

Hi everybody,

A colleague who is being harrassed by clinicians and pathologists
alike has asked me to post this.
What are the preferences for demineralising bone marrow trephines?
How long are samples demineralised and at what temperature?
What is the embedding medium used - wax or GMA/PMA?
and what is the acceptable turn around time for such samples?
I would appreciate your resonse on this.

Many thanks
Louise Taylor
South Africa

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