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GMA is (in it's unpolymerized state) miscible with water.  You can, though it's
expensive, use graded (with water) polymer if you decide to go this route let
me know and I'll give you some pointers.

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> I am trying to embed and section in JB-4 tissues that have been X-gal
> stained.  I am infecting the mouse mammary gland epithelium with a virus
> that encodes an E. coli b-galactosidase reporter gene.  The main problem
> that I am running into is that the acetone I normally use to dehydrate
> tissues partially extracts the X-gal stain, resulting in a smeared
> appearance in my sections.  I am going to try dehydrating in ethanol or
> even methanol.  What I am really looking for is any protocol that describes
> dehydration of X-gal stained tissues without the extraction of the X-gal
> stain.
> Neal Beeman
> PhD student
> University of Colorado School of Medicine

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