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You need to contact Allegiance and put in a customer complaint with their
technical services so they can investigate your problem.  There is always
the possibility that there is a problem with the lot you received.

Rande Kline HT (ASCP)
Technical Services
EM Science

KathY Liucci <> on 11/06/98 01:03:48 PM

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Subject:  Superfrost slides

I was wondering if anyone has had this problem.  We have superfrost plus
slides, with the coating being pink.  We use these for special stains.  The
slides are purchased from Allegiance but come with no label, so we do not
know who manufactures these slides.
The problem is this:  our control slides are not staining well with these
pink slides.  We especially noticed this with our Masson trichrome and our
retic stains.  When we take the slides out of water, there is a sheeting
off of the water, like what happens when you go from alcohol that has some
water in it, into xylene.  So we did an experiment with putting the control
on our regular white, superfrost slides and did the same special stains.
We noticed a big improvement.  They stained very well.  So after all this,
my question is, could it be possible that these slides are coated or
charged too much and are actually diminishing the staining?  Any
information will be appreciated.
Thank you
Kathy Liucci

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