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     Sounds like an accident waiting to happen !!!  We do not use an open
     flame for embedding either-we have 3 pair of forceps in our embedding
     center that stay heated that way.  As for gloveless frozen
     sections-NEVER,NEVER,NEVER do any of us do that !!! We always wear
     gloves,some of us also use eyeshields and in known infectious cases
     (TB) we use N95 masks as well. The coverslipping is a 50/50
     proposition-some wear gloves,some don't.
      I don't consider it tattle tailing to be concerned about safety
     issues and I'm sure the supervisor would want to know so that things
     could be remedied before the lab gets cited by either CAP or JCAHO.
     As long as you approach it in a way that does not really point the
     finger at any one individual I think you should be o.k...
      If it were me I would address the issues before something (like a
     fire in the lab)happens...Good Luck :)

     Vicki Gauch
     Albany Medical Center

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Author: (SANDY J JULSING) at Internet-Mail
Date:    11/9/98 6:14 PM

Histology comrades,
 I am "the new guy" to the lab and am concerned about the
following possible safety issues...

-Open flame. (bunsen burner)  I personally haven't used an open flame for
embedding since       1984...  If find several forceps in the heated
wells quite adequate.  We've already had one          flaming garbage can
(that was hidden from the lab manager) and singed log sheets...
-Glove-less frozen sections - Currently one other tech (also new) and
myself are the only ones    to use gloves while cutting a frozen section.
 The other 5 techs use their bare-naked hands.
-Glove-less coverslipping - Again the new tech and myself are the only
ones to use gloves.

Don't want to be a "tattle-tale" to the lab manager and I have brought it
up to the "Team", but no one seems concerned except me.  Any

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