Re: Reviews of Cryostats

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From:Richard Pitman <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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> One of the researchers in our company is in search of a new cryostat.  So
> far he has mentioned a Leica,
> a Zeiss and a Sakura cryostat (no specific model mentioned).  Are there
> others out there?  Also, he would appreciate any feedback on the cryostats
> from the above mentioned companies; such as the repair record, ease of use,
> ergonomic issues, are you happy with the one you're using, etc.

We're happy with our Bright cryostat. Had it for > 12 years, few
problems. The Microtome itself is bulletproof, and has needed no
attention. A couple of refrigeration problems have been repaired by
local refrigeration engineers. Price compares v favourably with
similar spec from competitors.

Richard, Worcester Royal Infirmary, GB

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