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For those of you wishing to do on-site verification of your VIP-E 150 and
VIP-E300 tissue processors, I am posting directions.  Those identified by *
be performed for the unit to accept your data.

>From the "Main Menu", choose "Date and Time" (Menu option #4).
Press "Enter".   (This will display the "Date and Time" screen.)
Key in the 4-digit year.  (1999)
*Press "Enter".
Key in the 4-digit month and day sequence.  (12/31)
*Press "Enter".
Key in the time desired.  [current time may be retained]
*Press "Enter".
Key in AM/PM choice.
*Press "Enter"   (This will close this screen and return the curser to "Main

If you fail to PRESS ENTER after any of your line data changes, using the down
arrow instead, the changed information was not recognized by the VIP.   [This
the step most frequently overlooked by operators.]      It seems our comfort
with computers causes us to use keys we know will move the curser, but the
message line clearly prompts us to "Press ENTER" because the VIP needs this
action to accept the changed data.

I do hope this clarifies the confusion.  And as a reminder, no Tissue-Tek
products are affected by the year 2000.    Please feel free to contact Sakura
with any further questions or concerns.


Nancy Klemme, HT(ASCP)
Customer/Product Support Mgr.
Sakura Finetek USA, Inc.
1750  West 214th Street
Torrance, CA  90501

Web Page =
e-mail =
Phone = 800/725-8723

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Subject:    RE: Sakura VIP Y2K testing
Date:       11/9/98 3:00 PM

Date: Mon, Nov 9, 1998 3:00 PM
Subject: RE: Sakura VIP Y2K testing
To: histonet

I just did the same test as Joanne on my VIP's... I set them for Dec. 31st,
1999; when I checked the date and time the next morning, it read Jan. 1, 1999.

What do we do about this Sukura??????

Robert Lott, HTL(ASCP)
Baptist Health System
Birmingham, AL
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Date: Tue Nov 03 10:44:14 1998
Subject: Sakura VIP Y2K testing

 I just did a Y2K test on our Sakura VIP. The processor ran successfully
through the night however, when I checked the date it indicated
01/01/1999.  Did anyone else have the same experience and how did you
rectify it.

Joanne Suder

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