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>Are you assigning a new accession number when you generate a new billing
>number and use the new date of service?

That's what we do. Whether it's really reimbursable is another story. I
figure that's up to the billing department. We issue a new report - each
immuno case has an accession#, an I# (as opposed to or in addition to a
Surg path #).

The main problem has been with choosing the best block to perform the
test on. Even though the physician may have requested the stain on a
particular Surgical case#, it sometimes seems that another case number on
that patient gives more tissue, better tissue, whatever. We pull
everything, give the H&E's to one of the pathologists (preferably the one
who will ultimately interpret the stains), and let them choose. It's a
lot of work before you even get to the staining procedure!


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