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This may be true. After all, England made a hero out of Scott, but seems to
ignore Shackleton.

But then why don't you celebrate July 4th? 8-) (bloody colonials...)


>Seems to be a Brit mentality to celebrate failures, maybe it's because we
>don't have enough successes :-(.
>I mean who else would make a hero out of someone who came last in a sporting
>arena, remember the fuss we made out of Eddie (the Eagle) Edwards.
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>Date: 05 November 1998 09:11
>Subject: Halloween & Guy Fawkes
>O.K., all you guys in the States make a big ball out of halloween -
>of pagan origin, if I remember aright.
>Well, to day is OUR big day.
>We celebrate Guy Fawkes - who FAILED to blow up Parliament - never
>quite understood why we celebrate a failure?  Anyway, ever since, on
>the 5th November, we have our own pagan festival whereby we all go to
>great lengths to show our old hero Guy how he SHOULD have gone about
>Hence, this evening we will all light bonfires, eat hot-dogs and down
>the occasional amber nectar whist letting off fireworks galore!  The
>sky will be lit up with rockets and sparks, people will be full of
>bonhomie, firemen will earn overtime, casualty departments will be
>full, tomorrow the skin banks will be empty.
>Why the hell couldn't Guy Fawkes get it right, then we could
>celebrate Halloween and not ever have to worry about 5 November?
>Russ Allison, Wales

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