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>This may be true. After all, England made a hero out of Scott, but seems to
>ignore Shackleton.
>But then why don't you celebrate July 4th? 8-) (bloody colonials...)
>>Seems to be a Brit mentality to celebrate failures, maybe it's because we
>>don't have enough successes :-(.
>>I mean who else would make a hero out of someone who came last in a sporting
>>arena, remember the fuss we made out of Eddie (the Eagle) Edwards.

        You seem to be confusing England with Britain, a very common
failing and one that gets the Irish, Scots and Welsh a wee bit upset.
        As for sporting heroes, one trait common to the peoples of the
whole island is that although we like to win now and again, it's not a
major issue. We just like to compete, if we win, we win, but when the best
person wins, that's the person we cheer. Other sportsmen who give their
all, but are basically duffers, also deserve a cheer, and why not, in a way
they are also winners. In the last World Cup, Scotland were thrashed, but
did we care, not a bit, we were there and enjoyed every game. Our friends
of the Auld Alliance, France, were the winners and deserved the title. As
for Eddie the Eagle, have you seen a ski jump, been at the top looking down
and would you try, power to his elbow.

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