Re: Gloves for F/S?

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From:Mick Rentsch <> (by way of histonet)
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Why take the risk and play russian roulette, esp. when you may have a lesion
on your hands you are unaware of. Wear the gloves, Hep C (nonA non B for our
older techs.) and any of your HIV variants are quite opportunistic. Not for
me brother. It's the one you don't know about that's going to get you!
Mike Rentsch
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From: Colin Henderson <>
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Date: Wednesday, 11 November 1998 7:34
Subject: Gloves for F/S?

>I don't understand the risk involved in cutting F/S
>without gloves.
>It seems to me that anyone with intact skin and a
>normal immune system would be better off without
>them.  That way if you got cut the bleeding would carry
>any contaminants away from the wound instead of
>having the glove holding the blood against the cut.
>Besides which, most tissue for F/S comes from inside
>the body, an environment which is very clean.
>Anyway, there aren't any bacteria, viruses, prions or
>aerosols which I know of that can penetrate i an intact
>Are the risks of cutting F/S without gloves real and
>documentable or are they just theoretical?
>Hoping for some lively discussion
>     Colin in London, Ontario

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