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From:Carol Burden <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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Does anyone have any experience using Dako's new Animal Research Kit?  I am
trying it and so far haven't had very good luck.  I am using a monoclonal
CD45 on mouse tissue.  I followed the given protocol.  Any suggestions
would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much,

Denise Sapier
Fred Hutchinson
Cancer Research Center
Clinical Pathology
Shared Resources

In response to your request for help with the ARK system.  I've had great
success with this kit, using mouse tissues. I've found that it is most
critical that the conc. of your antibody be known and that all the necessary
mathematical calculations are correct.  Also that all washes be taken
seriously. I find this system very user friendly.  Good Luck!

Carol Tucker-Burden
Transplant Biology Research Center
Division of Surgery Research/Transplant Immunology
Emory University

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